5 Ways Oracle Makes Life Easier (For A Developer)


With the rise of cloud computing and DevOps methodologies, developers are expanding their environment and taking on new responsibilities. Software development has, in previous generations, transitioned back and forth between server-centric and client-centric designs. With modern trends arising, software development has entered a hybrid client-server setting, as an end-to-end solution. This has led to developer platforms with increased functionality and a wider range of responsibilities as well as benefits.

Five benefits of Oracle as a developer platform

  1. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems

As an end-to-end developer platform, Oracle offers solutions for every role in the enterprise, catering for developers, finance, HCM/HR, IT, marketing, sales, service, and supply chain alike. Their platform is rich in complex features, development and support across all applications.

  1. Higher productivity

The key benefit of an end-to-end developer platform like Oracle is the higher productivity afforded to developers. Developer platforms are reducing the time spent by developers on non-app specific and menial code. Developers no longer have to worry about managing the infrastructure that automatically delivers this support and productivity for them. Developers can now develop apps faster at higher quality with a tighter focus on meeting the needs of their business community.

  1. Cloud-based development environments

With cloud-based development and test environments, developers are exposed to a wide array of tools that speed up development and promotion to production. When writing code on a local machine, developers run the risk of their test environment being too different to the production environment. With cloud-based container technology, developers can easily simulate the production environment, which not only improves testing conditions and factors and enhances the portability of apps across environments but also speeds up the development lifecycle.

  1. Open source

Open source technology is crucial for innovation. Open source material provides a strong foundation for developers to design and build from in creative and innovative ways. An end-to-end developer platform like Oracle offers the best open-source technologies while providing scalability, support and availability for these technologies.

  1. Oracle’s APEX gives good results, fast

Oracle’s APEX is just one of their innovative tools that delivers “powerful new declarative features, enabling you to develop, design and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser.” This easy-to-use solution helps developers do more, faster, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Make life easier with Oracle

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