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Blue Yonder Case Study: SuperFrio 

SuperFrio is a South American company in the refrigerated logistics industry and utilized BY’s warehouse management system (WMS) for 3 years now. 

The company has encountered rapid growth while transitioning its logistics centres to the digital realm while improving customer satisfaction. They have 1.8 million cubic metres of storage capacity over the 27 distribution centers nationwide of which 22 have fully implemented BY’s WMS. The other 5 centres are still under construction. 

“Over the past three years, we have been an integral part of SuperFrio’s digital transformation. SuperFrio is emerging among the largest refrigerated logistics companies, not only in Latin America but globally as the company ranks 15th worldwide. SuperFrio executives have a large, supportive community that exchanges experiences amongst one another in order to perform better and better — taking full advantage of our WMS,” said Samuel Baccin, partner success director, Brazil, Blue Yonder.

The main accelerator to the growth of SuperFrio was reducing the time spent on complex warehouse operations. A reduction of 2months to 3 weeks was experienced in the start of complex operations and startup closed pallet operations from 7 days to 24hours. BY WMS implementation at SuperFrio significantly improved accuracy of boxes moved with picking to a 99.95% accuracy rate, along with greater customer service and productivity. This all resulted in a 16% decrease in labor costs, which is a bonus for profits.



Headbytes Take on BY’s WMS: 

“Going forward large logistical challenges in warehouse/distribution centres will have gone beyond the agile concept. Innovation to keep up with shifts in supply chain demands is the norm. With the Blue Yonder product suite, the basics and the platform for agility is provided to allow for the fine tweaking to ensure the physical process in the warehouse is matched seamlessly with the digital processes. Having the solid backbone from a tried and tested solution like Blue Yonder provides that comfortable base to expand from” 

Lawrence Coombes – Principle Consultant


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