Cultivate innovation in your business

Innovation business

If you want the best growth strategy for your business, you need a complete and personalised cloud development platform. Every business is unique, with their own set of needs and requirements. If a cloud provider is offering a one-size-fits-all solution for your business, it is quite likely that they are not offering what you actually need. If all businesses and industries have unique needs, there should a unique and personalised solution.

Benefits of a personalised cloud

With a personalised cloud development platform, you have the benefit of being able to tailor within your cloud apps. This includes functionalities such as workflows, user interfaces, and more. You can enrich or expand your cloud apps and create new apps using the tools you already have and know. Furthermore, you have the advantage of continuous innovations and upgrades, allowing you to stay ahead of the field.

Why choose a personalised cloud platform?

In comparison to traditional on-premises software development, cloud development offers a much quicker pace and room for implementation and growth. If you look at a typical traditional on-premises software timeline, the upgrade cycle would span out something like this:

  • Year 1: the vendor started development on the latest release.
  • Year 3: the vendor releases the latest version, which you choose to implement.
  • Year 5: the business case for an upgrade is secured and implementation begins.
  • Year 7: you’re finally live on the upgrade.

For perspective, consider that Apple released eight iPhone versions in this same time period. In seven years, you should be producing as much content, not taking that time to implement one single feature or upgrade. Innovation does not slow down or wait around, and your competitors certainly won’t wait for you to catch up either.

Choose SaaS applications from Oracle

With real SaaS applications in the Oracle Cloud you get new functional innovations every three to six months. These functional innovations will keep you up to speed and up to date. You can personalise your development and pace yourself against the leading innovations. You get a choice of how fast you want to develop and when to integrate your developments into your business – without restriction. Contact the experts at HeadByte to find out more about how you can cultivate innovation in your business.


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