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Digital Roadmapping

Digital Roadmapping

The transition to digital in businesses is growing phenomenally and new businesses join the fray by the minute. As with any business, however, the road to success is paved with good planning and business goals.

Ten steps towards a great digital roadmap

In a talk in May at CS Week 2017 in USA, Eric Karcher and James Langdon of Eversource Energy offered ten insights into building your digital roadmap.

  1. Take an honest assessment of where you are

Ask yourself honest questions about your current position and abilities. Are you ready to transition to digital? Is your site functional? Can your work sustain a digital move as well as current tasks? Are you missing out on clients without digital? Use the answers to help in your decisions and plans to move forward.

  1. Have a leading strategy

Before you start anything, you should have a plan for going forward. A good, well thought-out strategy will allow you to plan and prioritise your actions beforehand, and help you avoid dead ends and misdirected ideas.

  1. Make a mission statement

Create a mission statement that embodies your goals. It should be meaningful, focussed and powerful.

  1. Work with your budget and constraints

Great plans and ideas can die quickly without a good budget. Plan your expenses wisely and consult professional financial advisors if necessary – starting something new is never cheap. However, even a small budget will see your project through if you use it prudently. Likewise, acknowledge and plan around other constraints.

  1. Focus on customers

Clients should be your highest priority. Engage with, communicate with and work for your customers; nothing is more important in a business.

  1. Research and analysis

Combine your strategy and your mission statement and compare them to customer expectations. Research your market and analyse which customers want what product or service from you. Delve deep and develop a comprehensive understanding of your industry.

  1. Disrupt your organisation

If something is not working, implement a change. Restructure your team, re-examine your plan, or just rearrange your furniture; change breeds fresh perspective.

  1. Build a network

Within your business, get as many people on board for your project as possible and create a positive atmosphere of teamwork and growth. Externally, grow your network of contacts, from partners and collaborators to competitors and industry leaders.

  1. Don’t lose hope

Brace yourself for impending criticism and obstacles. The path might not be easy, but don’t give up unless you have a very good reason. Allow yourself to dream and to move closer towards your dreams.

  1. Constantly reassess

Don’t save your assessments for milestones or calendar markers; constantly take a step back and reassess what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This way, you can catch any mistakes early and quickly redirect.

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