Effecient IT recruitment in Cape Town

For companies and brands around the world, South Africa is a major source of IT talent with IT recruitment in Cape Town leading the way in providing top quality personnel to the industry. Social media is one of those industries where the South African IT talent pool is deep and rich, and here are some things you need to know to ensure that your IT recruitment in Cape Town doesn’t miss out on the best the city has to offer.

Digital Footprints Need to be Clean

When you are conducting IT recruitment in Cape Town, there is a need to identify the right candidates and their digital image is something that gives you an idea of what kind of people you are considering. People are much more than their qualifications and their social media activity, combined with their digital footprint, will tell you exactly what you need to know about the people you are hiring.

Do not Ignore the Phone

A major part of modern-day recruiting happens on the mobile phone as top job websites, including Job Mail, are moving their business significantly onto the mobile platform. If you want the best people working for you, you need to embrace the fact that even though most of the people may not have a computer at all times, they will definitely have their phone on them.

A good recruiter knows that over 60% of South Africans access the Internet through their mobile phones and that includes a large chunk of talent that could be otherwise missed. As mobile data gets cheaper, more people are moving onto their phones and so are top recruiters.

Personal Branding Drives IT Recruitment in Cape Town

Just like your business has an online presence, every single applicant also has their online profile and presence. When it comes to IT recruitment in Cape Town, the online presence of these individuals can determine how good they are at doing what they do. Their involvement on forums, the types of questions they ask, the kind of information they provide – everything is a sign of the competence of the person you’re hiring and what they can do for you.

Bringing the Right Partner on Board

The recruitment process always comes down to finding the right partner who not only has the time and tools to handle IT recruitment in Cape Town, but also has the experience of handling recruitment projects of any scale. At Adams and Associates, we are about providing your business with highly qualified people who not only meet the qualifications you require, but also match your company’s culture. Our experience helps us stand out of the crowd when it comes to IT recruitment in Cape Town and with our expertise, you know for sure that you can continue to build and grow your business with a perfect team in place!