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Five top software development trends that have dominated 2020

It is undeniable that 2020 has been the year of the unexpected and the tech environment has been at the forefront in assisting businesses in their survival strategies. Software development has been a 24/7 activity due to the high demand for products, applications, systems and much more. This post is focused on some of the trends that have dominated this year thus far.

Cyber security

This is an area where businesses are at high risk to lose a vast amount of money and data. In the year 2021 it has been predicted that globally a loss of $6 trillion will be experienced. With this being said assurance of security is vital to try and mitigate the potential risks and this is fitting for many industries such as banking, online gaming or online shopping. Hackers are always on the lookout for easy access to highly confidential information which can lead to money and data loss. What this means is that software developers need to ensure that the mitigation of application security risks and prioritization of data security. This involves security such as 2-factor authentication which will decrease the risks and make hackers lives a lot harder. 

IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is not a new concept but has been growing rapidly and will continue to grow to a market value of roughly $1.5 trillion in the next 5 years. IoT has picked up significant interest in implementation of sensors on various things such as gadgets, appliances, vehicles, security systems. All by data being controlled and transferred over the internet. In addition supply chain has also witnessed IoT benefits by being able to track stock locations and logistics through an interconnected network.

“IoT is coming in handy as it provides robust predictive maintenance capabilities to keep such machines at their optimal levels”

Digital transformation

An ongoing trend is digitizing operations and making things simpler for the customer. Digitization is basically converting tasks into their simpler “digital equivalents” With the lack of movement this year, online businesses have had to step up to reduce human-centric and manual tasks. Software development has been leading digital transformation and it is not always a simple process. Innovation is key when it comes to digital transformation and the journey begins with having a solid foundation to work from which includes analysis of cost-benefit analysis and evolution of the idea. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

When comparing applications native apps are beneficial for the user experience on a mobile device but come at the expense of being costly for them to be developed and maintained for different operating systems. PWA’s on the other hand are able to deliver a similar user experience, support push notifications and are cheaper to maintain via one source code.

Developers & Artificial Intelligence

It only makes sense that developers are taking advantage of artificial intelligence. We have questions such as “What if machines could do some of the tasks like a human?”. These questions are answered by the capabilities of AI. AI is a wide topic which involves different capabilities such as speech, natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning. Developers are in the realm of developing apps that are able to learn from experience and make decisions. You may be familiar with popular apps/devices such as Alexa and Siri.

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