A Full Stack Developer Is the Best Oracle Apex Developer

Oracle Apex Developer

Let’s face it, full stack developers are rare. Some see themselves as jacks-of-all-trade but masters-of-none, while others appreciate the diversity of skill that makes them ideal for a development team. Being able to work on the back-end as well as front-end portions of an application generally ensures better consistency and a deeper understanding of how each portion compliments and works together.

Why is a full stack developer best for Oracle APEX?

To understand what kind of developer is best suited for Oracle APEX, let’s take a look at what a great APEX developer should be competent in:

  1. The Oracle Database (installation, setup, tuning, monitoring)
  2. Data modelling
  3. SQL (and SQL tuning) and PL/SQL
  4. User Interface Design and Responsive Design
  5. JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  6. Web applications, web servers and web security
  7. Network security
  8. Server administration
  9. Continuous integration and unit testing
  10. Application Express (APEX) development

An APEX developer needs to know how to handle both back-end and front-end development. This list includes some very specific and relatively complicated technologies, and not many developers can call themselves experts in all of them. While a team of developers who specialise in these different areas will be effective, a single full stack developer will be able to bring more to the table than individual specialist team members. A developer that knows a programming language commonly used for web applications does not necessarily know how to create an elegant and attractive user interface design, for example, unless they are accustomed to full stack development.

Finding the best developer for your APEX project

To find the right developer for Oracle APEX, it is best to first determine what is most important to the specific project at hand. Which skills and technologies are most needed for this project? APEX development is essentially Oracle Database development, so knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL and data modelling is always relevant. If this area is under-skilled, the application will suffer regardless of the front-end technology. Often, the developers who can adapt to and efficiently work in APEX are those who have experience in large-scale web application development in another language or technology.

It is not always necessary to find a developer based purely on APEX proficiency or experience; full stack developers from all fields are generally able to pick up APEX quite easily. Instead of building a development team of individuals specialising in each technology, creating a smaller team of a few full stack developers would highly benefit your next Oracle APEX development project.

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