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HeadByte: Oracle Apex Paving the Way for Developers

HeadByte: Oracle Apex Paving the Way for Developers

With the growth of tethered database cloud services and modern development tools, cloud-based application development is on the rise. Oracle Application Express, or APEX, is a solution designed specifically for modern developers to design, develop and launch attractive, creative, responsive database-driven applications, all within a web browser.

An introduction to Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX is the native low code framework of the Oracle Database and comes included for free with every Oracle Database, both on-premises and in the cloud. Oracle APEX allows you to create scalable web applications that look great on desktops, tablets and smartphones alike without the need for additional coding.

The benefits of Oracle APEX for developers

Oracle APEX is the truly comprehensive solution for web-based application development. Amongst all the benefits of such a solution, one of the key benefits to take away is the increase in productivity for developers. Oracle is enabling developers to reduce the amount of time spent managing the infrastructure that now automatically delivers the support and processes they need. As an open-source and Cloud-based platform, Oracle is delivering more variety and choice when it comes to development tools such as programming languages, development environments and more. Take a look at the main benefits of Oracle APEX:

  1. Minimal effort, all the high-end results

Using Application Express, you can easily create modern, responsive, stunning-looking, scalable applications. All the tools you need are available in one single, extensible platform as part of the Oracle Database.

  1. Development process managed for you

With Oracle APEX you can focus on the task at hand while the tool handles much of the development process, including security, authentication, database interactions, input validation, session state management and many other dependencies.

  1. Your choice of a variety of tools

Oracle Cloud offers a wide variety of choice for programming languages, database and compute types, containers, IDEs, and powerful development tools. You can also enjoy instant access to a fully configured Oracle Database. With Oracle Cloud you have the largest range of tools and languages to easily code and build your applications.

  1. Flexibility across cloud and on-premises development

Since Oracles allows the same user experience and available skill sets across cloud and on-premises deployments, developers can benefit from the flexibility of deployment choice and easily make use of either.

  1. Common use cases

As Oracle APEX offers numerous valuable features and benefits, many users share common use cases. From customers looking to swiftly develop new web-based applications for departmental Line-of-Business use, to customers looking to extend their enterprise application solutions, to customers looking to modernise their legacy applications, common use cases are accessible to all.

Fast, simple and powerful development with Oracle APEX

To find out how Oracle APEX can boost your web-based app development, contact the experts at Headbyte.



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