JDA – Powering a global supply chain network

JDA solutions have become the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors. More than 4,000 global customers run JDA software and SaaS solutions, to optimise supply chain/retail planning and delivery, better predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently while creating seamless customer experiences.

Specifically, JDA Allocation helps companies to automate their allocation processes by better tailoring the right products to the right stores, improving availability, controlling inventory and reducing the risk of markdowns.

As an example, PUMA distributes its products in more than 120 countries. Facing an industry shift towards higher volumes, more clearly defined segments, developing categories and emerging geographies, the company decided to use JDA Allocation to streamline and centralise the execution of its assortment strategies, to achieve optimised store-specific size availability, demand-oriented assortment and inventory optimisation, which they believe will result in higher sales and reduced markdowns.

PUMA consider this will help them address low-size-level availability, high markdowns and inefficient visual merchandising, due to a lack of space and presentation requirements. PUMA also seeks improvements of in-season item performance and non-effective and manual case pack allocation, as well as addressing high manual workloads, which result in an inability to operate frequent allocations.

This investment serves as PUMA Retail’s first step towards realising globally integrated planning, assortment and allocation management. Their ultimate goal is to achieve a common understanding of market needs with maximum transparency, to address customer needs in the most efficient way.  This will enable PUMA to be more flexible, agile and adaptive and will contribute significantly to its increasingly sharp focus on Retail.


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