Looking For IT Developers In Cape Town?

When a company begins its quest to find the top IT developers in Cape Town, there are many standard avenues that they can take. Social media is one, where a lot of companies do their recruitment, research and candidate vetting. Another popular place is job websites where these active job seekers place their profile for the benefit of other companies. Similarly, there are a lot of recruitment agencies where candidates, as well as companies, can provide their requirements in the hopes of making a connection.

However, there are certain untapped avenues that continue to be under-utilised primarily due to the lack of knowledge in those departments. They include the company’s job branding policy as well as the mobile recruitment process.

Branding your Company as a Desirable Work Place

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions’ latest 2015 Global Recruiting Trend report, companies can reduce their cost of hiring the best and most talented IT developers in Cape Town by almost 50% and also reduce their employee turnover rate by 28% if they put a lot more focus on developing a culture and brand that those employees want to be associated with.

Your company might be one of the biggest entities in its industry but if you are not seen as a place where people would want to work, you’ll struggle to hire the best IT developers in Cape Town. To attract the top IT developers in Cape Town, you need to project your brand as a place where the top guys would like to see themselves.

Be Mobile to Hire IT developers in Cape Town

The one thing that most companies do not realise is that a large part of job searches, almost 43% happens on a mobile phone! That’s right, people are searching for jobs when they’re sitting on public transport, eating lunch or heading out to the store. Unfortunately, almost 59% recruiters choose to ignore this all-important platform and if they are not searching on those platforms, they’re missing out on 43% of the best IT developers in Cape Town!

At HeadByte, we understand the importance of portraying the right brand and culture to attract top talent. Not only do we help you understand what that means for your business, we make sure that once you have that brand image, your employee hunt is running at full steam on all platforms, including the much ignored mobile phone. So make sure you come to HeadByte with your hiring requirements and we’ll make sure that all the top IT developers in Cape Town come only to your doorstep, clamouring for a job!