Looking For IT Recruitment In Cape Town?

There is a significant amount of IT talent out there in the market today, but the one thing that seems to be missing is a way to connect the right IT professionals to the right IT jobs! IT recruitment in Cape Town is best left to the professionals.

Companies like HeadByte who are transforming the recruitment process in the IT industry.

Cape Town is a major target for all national and international IT firms, especially those in the social media domain. If you are looking for the best IT recruits, then here’s why you need someone like us to handle your recruitment.

Social Recruiting is All Set to Explode!

There are some things that the South African IT professional is cherished for, and one of them is their ability to be useful to social media companies. When it comes to IT recruitment in Cape Town, trends suggest that it is likely to follow the global pattern of dominance, which means that recruitment is likely to increase by 73% in the social media company sector.

LinkedIn plays a major role in the selection process and if a recruitment company knows how to use LinkedIn and Facebook like HeadByte can, you can be guaranteed that the recruitment process will uncover reliable people any company would be proud to hire.

Tapping Passive Talent for IT Recruitment in Cape Town

In the past, agencies have solely focussed on hiring the best out of the active talent market. This market includes only those people who are looking for jobs. However, the problem with this market is that it only includes about 25% of the workforce, while the remaining 75% — the ones that could be a perfect match for your company — either love their jobs or are not looking for a switch.

The ability to harness a variety of tools and platforms puts HeadByte in a unique position when it comes to tapping the passive workforce for IT recruitment in Cape Town. Our understanding of non-traditional job recruitment and research platforms like LinkedIn has led us to understand that over 63% of passive professionals may not be looking for new jobs, but should a good offer come their way, they would be open to it.

If you are looking for a great and inexpensive way of hiring top IT talent, contact HeadByte in Cape Town.