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Mobile app development platform leader: Oracle

Mobile app development platform

On June 23rd, Gartner released its 2017 “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms” report, naming Oracle as an industry leader, officially recognising the impressive growth and progress of the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. This award is an indication of Oracle’s momentum within the mobile and PaaS markets, and the widespread adoption of the Cloud Platform. Unique features such as adaptive intelligence, predictive analytics and chatbot support, alongside the core comprehensive function offering, help Oracle deliver a very strong product.

To be a leader in the Magic Quadrant awards, a company must present a very strong combination of Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. In other words, Leaders in the “Mobile App Development Platforms” category must excel at cross-platform deployment and development, and full cycle management. They must also excel at scalability, building partnerships with complementary companies, omnichannel and post-app requirement. They must offer support for multiple standards and architectures as well.

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service was designed from the start with cloud capabilities in mind, and it is standards-based, open platform. It is basically a powerful tool for companies to engage their employees and customers across a wide spectrum of devices such as wearables, mobile, and desktops, using an extensive set of features. With the Oracle Mobile Cloud, a company is able to “tool up” their apps, and build in capabilities such as stateless offline sync, push notifications, location-based services, and bot channels. On top of that, the platform is very easy to use for developers thanks to its drag and drop interface, which removes the need to write any code, and it also comes with software development life cycle support. In terms of analytics, business owners and developers have access to a wide variety of data regarding adoption, usage, and performance. This can generate deep insights into the techniques and strategies needed to improve user adoption rates. Contact HeadByte to find out more about Oracle and what makes it one of the best platforms for developers and businesses.



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