More Heads Are Better Than One

Every project is unique. They may share similar elements but each project will always present its own unique IT challenges. For a company that wants to have an element of flexibility, hiring project-based IT staff is the solution.

Technology is now an integral part of every company’s projects. Sometimes the success of a venture hinges on having the right technology solutions, with the right IT staff, at the right time. As a result, it is important for a project to have an IT specialist who is capable and competent. However, why have one IT specialist when nowadays you can hire a whole team of professional project-based IT staff?

Advancing Technology

Technology is advancing at a fast rate, with better applications and IT tools becoming available every day. These changes don’t just affect a singular area of technology. So what does this mean for your project?

In essence, this means that there is no way a company can have one IT employee who knows everything about technology and all its applications in a specific project. The fact that the employee is an in-house employee may also limit their level of exposure to diverse project environments. They may be comfortable handling the day-to-day IT problems, but not have the flexibility to diagnose, adapt and resolve the many challenges that unique projects may throw up.

In such cases, having a team of project-based IT staff can be of benefit. The fresh insight and approach they bring to the table is invaluable. Their sole purpose is to come in, do what is required of them for the duration of the project, and leave once their services are no longer required.

Where to Get Project-Based IT Staff

Let us say Mr. James owned a start-up events planning company in Cape Town. As the December holiday season approached, more clients began calling him to hire his services. Though he had been able to make do with a small group of staff during the off-peak season, he had been forced to employ more people to cope with the demand during peak season.

Unfortunately, his payroll department informed him that their software was not generating results as it should. Even his in-house IT specialist couldn’t figure it out. Mr James had to get the problem sorted or he wouldn’t be able to pay his employees. Fortunately, he had heard of an IT outsourcing company called Headbyte from a fellow business associate. After a free consultation, Headbyte provided his business with project-based IT staff who managed to resolve the software problem. They were also able to make improvements in his IT operations within days. Mr James’ business went on to have its best holiday season ever!

If you want an excellent project-based IT staff for your business solutions, contact Headbyte for a free consultation.


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