Need An It Team For Your Project?

More and more growing South African companies recognise that they could benefit from project- based IT staff.  You’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to have a full-time IT department. Usually the need is project based and the number of projects grows as your business grows.

Who Benefits from Project-Based IT Staff?

Here are just 3 examples of where a company could benefit from project-based IT staff:

  1. What if your payroll department needs a software program set up to integrate information from employees’ hours worked, pay rate, withholding taxes? You need to know each employee’s direct bank deposit, insurance and saving contributions. Your payroll staff needs access to the software and instruction in its operation.
  1. What if your purchasing department requires a software programme that will keep track of inventory so your company can operate efficiently and control costs? The purchasing department staff and each department using the inventory need access to the software and an understanding of its use.
  1. What if you need a system that will track customer satisfaction so you can improve customer service?

The Right IT Staff for Your Business

The list of project-based IT staff requirements is as diverse as the businesses that need them. The simple and effective solution is HeadByte, centrally located in Cape Town.  Call on our knowledgeable internet technology specialists to be your project-based IT staff, but only when you need us.

You are always in charge, so talk to us and tell us what you want to be able to do. We have the right team member or members for your project.

  • Perhaps you are looking for ideas that will give your company a bigger presence on the Internet. We know how to do that.
  • Do you have ideas of how you want your business to work but need a customised software programme or the modification of an existing one to make it work? We can make that happen.
  • Knowing how to create customer loyalty and then utilising that relationship to increase profits may not be something you have considered. Our experience tells us this valuable technology is often underutilised.
  • When new or improved technology becomes available, count on your IT team at HeadByte to know what it can do for your business.

HeadByte has the right project-based IT staff of professionals to support your business with a flexible workforce. From design to operations and sales to marketing strategies, we guarantee a hands-on client focused approach.

We are your source for innovation in today’s technological business climate. Contact Head Byte on 021 412 1581 for a free consultation.


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