Objections to Cloud Solutions and Services

When thinking about Cloud services and cloud-based solutions, a lot of objections or worries come to mind which makes people doubt adopting a Cloud solution. Depending on the company size there are certain ideas that can sway decisions for or against. For example, if the company size is small there is always the option to rent cloud services rather than invest or develop your own. This is one way which can make the decision more suitable for your business.

Some of the main objections to Cloud Solutions and services are: 

  • Cost: The costs involved with migrating to cloud solutions and may require a significant amount of capital or adjusting budgets.  A way to make this more manageable could be to run parallel operations to ease the shift from one to the other. This can possibly increase costs in the short run but will provide more positive results.
  • Control: For some, it may be an issue handing over control to a large cloud services provider and not having comfortability or clarity on the management of data and where the responsibility lies. However, the organisation should always have some control and access to their data with security being enforced.
  • Operational Complexity: The migration to the cloud involves changes such as new technologies, terminologies and paradigm shifts in operations. Efficient personally need to be appointed to manage and control the migration process and progress. There will also need to be some awareness of colleagues who are resistant to change which will also need to be prepared for and managed accordingly.
  • Legacy apps & mindset: A lot of smaller businesses will already have systems and software in place that they have been using for years/decades which they are highly reliant on. This also ties into people being resistant to change as some may not be willing to migrate from their current systems while they are still functioning fine. What may need to be clarified is that there is no specific need to completely get rid of legacy apps and systems unless you want to. Cloud services can work parallel or in conjunction with said legacy apps. The legacy mindset is also a challenge but in one way or another people are utilizing the cloud in their daily lives (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox) without appreciating the benefit to their daily lives and those same benefits can be achieved in the workspace.

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