Oracle Ebusiness Can Work For You

With the passage of time, the Oracle Ebusiness suite has evolved tremendously. As most IT professionals based in South Africa will tell you, whether in terms of usability, scalability, functionality or minimised costs concerning ownership, this part of Oracle has offered a host of benefits and applications for all.

For those making headway in IT or looking for employment opportunities in this field, training in this suite is considered to be the icing on the cake! Given how business environments have become so complex, managing them requires strong knowledge about the same.

Concept of the Suite

An internet enabled product that can be managed from one site only, the Oracle Ebusiness suite is now a necessity for most business consulting firms. The suite contains several product lines that users can turn to for business purposes. For any company implementing this indispensable suite, applications such as supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) are handled well.

The Need for Oracle Ebusiness Suite

An increasing number of business consulting and IT companies praise this comprehensive suite for having integrated and global business applications to help companies make better decisions, increase performance levels and minimise costs. It simply doesn’t matter if your business enterprise is small, medium or large in size. If you are on the lookout for an effective means of making your company stand out in comparison to others, implementing this part of ‘Oracle’s Applications Unlimited Strategy’ will continue to offer, protect and extend the real worth of this software investment.

In other words, the Oracle Ebusiness Suite is responsible for:

 Helping companies tackle the ever changing global business environments
 Showing how a single, global basis of information can align departments, and
 Enabling organisations to excel

Benefits Resulting from the Suite

Professionals trained in the Oracle Ebusiness Suite or those having the requisite certification have first- hand knowledge of the benefits. A few common applications are:

 Customer Relationship Management
 Human Capital Management
 Financial Management
 Order Management
 Transportation Management
 Warehouse Management System
 Service Management
 Project Portfolio Management
 Supply Chain Management
 Logistics
 Advanced Procurement
 Value Chain Planning
 Value Chain Execution

In addition to those mentioned above, there are several other sub-categories that fall under the purview of this suite. Contact HeadByte for more information pertaining to the Oracle Ebusiness Suite.