5 Fast-Moving Software Development Trends

Development companies are built for speed. They have to be, otherwise how could they keep up with software advances and market demands? But just how fast must your development organisation be to be able to stay ahead of your competition? The experts predict that development companies should be geared towards doubling the number of applications they release in a year.

Is it enough to be quick and nimble?

New features or applications are the lifeblood of development companies. If you aren’t bringing new apps or features to the customer before your competitor does, then you are running behind. Even if you are releasing trials to a control group of users, you will be moving forward, because real feedback from real people means a real advantage. Experimentation and trial should be embraced by developers as this is where new ideas come to life. Being first to market can make a huge difference.

So, development companies have to be nimble. But, even so, speed of delivery isn’t everything. Just getting a new app or feature in front of the user before anyone else does it, isn’t enough. Building in a process of iteration is vital.  This means that the system must allow for continuous feedback integration and deployment of upgrades. The best thing you could do to prepare your development company for the demands of the (very near) future is to create an agile environment where faster delivery systems are in place.

Fast forward to the future

The experts predict exciting times for software development companies. Looking ahead 5 years, here are some of the trends development companies should be factoring into their business model if they plan to continue delivering quality apps and features.

  1. Embrace the cloud: IT organisations are already moving systems management to the cloud. By 2020, only 40 percent will still be resisting the move.
  2. Embrace the cloud II: DevTest environments are shifting to the cloud – it’s predicted that by 2020 all new apps will be built in the cloud.
  3. Faster. Java and .Net developers will be over-shadowed by an ever-increasing number of citizen developers.
  4. The numbers are up: Get ready to up your game. The number of app releases is set to double.
  5. Change with the landscape: the popularity of VMs is waning. Containers, led by DevTest environments are becoming more popular.

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