The Value Of Project-Based IT Staff

In today’s highly competitive and fast evolving business environment, project-based IT staff  has proved to be an invaluable asset. Very few businesses today have static IT requirements which can make developing in-house capabilities costly. On top of this, relying on outdated systems is risky at best, and at worst can cripple your business. Staff augmentation allows your business to source the perfect technical talent to tackle a particular IT project with best results, on time and within a given budget.

Another major bonus of contracting project-based IT staff is that your business doesn’t have to take responsibility for training or skills development. Rather, this approach allows your business to stay focused on its primary functions. Depending on the scope of the project, you can choose to augment existing employee skills with those of a single IT specialist in order to complete a particular project or hand over the entire project to a team of IT specialists. Once the project is complete, the contractors will ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge back to your employees.

Contracting offers an efficient solution especially if your business is growing rapidly. It saves you a lengthy hiring process when time is of the essence and you need to get a particular IT project going. And as many IT projects are short-term, temporary staff augmentation is also a sensible solution; you get the talent when you need it without the costs when you don’t.

As project-based IT staff work for a set negotiated fee, they offer the benefits of full-time employees without the additional costs typically involved such as medical aid, unemployment and pension contributions. For this reason contracting consultants has become one of the preferred IT staffing models for businesses.

Project-Based IT Staff Bring Top Skills

The difference between delivering good and great results rests on the ability of your IT team. At HeadByte, we provide flexible IT staffing solutions in the fastest possible turn-around time. Our IT contracting service allows you to source, manage and retain IT professionals – including programmers, analysts, project managers and more – with the skills best suited to your project.

We will head hunt the ideal individual or team for the job, timeously and at the right price. HeadByte guarantees a hands-on and client-focused approach; we will find the perfect project-based IT staff for your project the first time round based on industry and previous work experience, and geographic reach, saving you the hassle and mitigating the risk of hiring inadequately skilled consultants.

HeadByte provides:

  1. Technology resources with specialised knowledge.
  2. A flexible IT workforce.
  3. Project-based contractors to supplement other areas within your organization.

Contact HeadByte if you are a South African based company seeking suitable project-based IT staff with exceptional skills and credentials.


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